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Challenge A Librarian

Looking to win some cool prizes? Looking to come in and see what video gaming skills you have? Well come into the library and challenge a librarian! If you win, you instantly win a prize... But if you lose.... You get to enter into a raffle to win a prize! SO either way you could win! Just come up to the front desk and inquire about challenging a librarian!

In library quiz!

Walk right into the Mokena Library and take one of our quizzes to win a prize! No phones, no computers, just answer what you know! Each one right is a raffle ticket, which we will draw the winners from! So come join the fun and lets pick your brain to see how smart you are!

3D Printing At your Library

Come Check out Our Two 3D printers!

Virtual Reality At your Library

Come In And Check Out Our VR Headset!

We have two 3d printers! One is the standard Makerbot, which prints in PLA. Our other printer is a Prusa printer that prints multiple materials at the same time! Prints are $0.05 per gram, which is material cost! Click the button below for more information or to send .stl files to be printed on our printers!

The Mokena Library offers immersive technology that puts you in the center of the game! Whether it is a sport, or fun kids game, or even want to travel the world from the comfort of the Mokena Library, you will feel like you are not even here! Just fill out a form at the front desk and you will be ready to immerse yourself !

Gaming Systems At your Library

Check out a game, use our game systems! Relax!

Contact Library Staff

Please fill out form below and contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns

The Mokena Public Library's mission
is to provide information, resources, and ideas for the purpose of enriching lives and to build connections to the community for all residents of the library district. We do this in a fiscally responsible manner by offering a diverse collection of print materials, books, ebooks, reference materials, and resources and services which include special programs and enhanced technology.